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In the noise of world we often get lost from the true purpose of being, either it's human soul or a business. Shah Ami, CEO and founder of SVAA Labs truly believes that every person on the earth has unique purpose. We need to practice skills with passion and persistence to fulfil the purpose and live our full potential to transform world in happier place.

SVAA Labs is born to help design and provide guidance to keep focus on the true purpose and required skills to achieve it through innovative coaching, consulting and networking.

We imagine to help people with our experience and experiments in area of Science, Arts and Leadership to empower human to live healthy, happy, smart and spiritual life.

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  • Individual

    SVAA Labs can help you in your Personal Development and Career Development to achieve your goals and accomplish your dreams. We can help you with making right decisions and obtain skills for it in Engineering, Arts or any other fields that you aim.

    Personal Development
    Career Development
    Presentation Skills
  • Business

    SVAA Labs helps all sectors of businesses by working with them and generating the best idea for the organic growth of their business. It helps businesses at each and every stage.

    Motivational Speaker
    Leadership Coach
    Team Biilding
    Engineering Innovative Improvement Ideas (Automation)
    System Design & Requirement Review
    Research & Development
  • School & Collages

    SVAA Labs will help students to achieve their dream life and build their purposeful career with bright future.

    STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math)Promotions STEAM Projects to solve real life issues
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Engineer, Leader & Artist

S.T.E.A.M - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math Advocate

Ami Shah is an Engineer, leader and passionate artist. Her mission is to help individuals to be able to design and live their dream life at fullest. She aims to help businesses to align with their soul and build teams that can work with purpose. She hopes to bring in her experiences and experiments. She comes from small town of India and has been able to make impression in Engineering, Leadership and Aerospace industry in USA. She has worked on full product development lifecycle from Requirements, R&D, design, H/W-S/W development, Test, Integration, Manufacturing and Delivery. Her work includes System/sub-system for manned-unmanned aircrafts, satellite systems and many more complex technology that saves or improvises human lives around the world throughout the career at 500 fortune companies like John Deer, Northrop Grumman and Raytheon. She has won several awards including innovation for Automation, Technical Leadership, Mentoring and S.T.E.A.M leadership inspiring current and next generation. She had many opportunities to present and be part of interview panel in various Technical discussions, S.T.E.A.M promotion activities at her workplace, school, colleges and community events. Together with science, she has been passionate about cultural Arts of dancing, singing and meditation since her childhood.

She was born and raised in India. She resided in USA from 20 years. She is rooted with rich values from best of both sides of cultures! She is happy to be Engineer, leader, dancer, singer, wife, mother and inspiration to her daughter and many more. She has empowered many with her philosophy towards life through her work, social media and community events. She loves to experiment and learn from experiences through the Journey in every role of life! She loves to share her life experiences and learn from others through their journey. She believes every human has purpose on the earth and when they align it with their skills/talent they live their dream life fullest. She dreams to inspire and be inspired to transform world in to a magical planet through SVAA Labs!

CEO & Founder, SVAA Labs

What Our References Say About US

Congratulations! It has been an absolute pleasure working as a System Engineer for Ami’s R&D team. Her compassion, advocating for work/life balance and encouraging a growth mindset are just a few attributes in how she demonstrates true leadership skills and as someone I truly admire as a solid mentor and Guru. While Ami was my manager, she created a fun, inviting and relaxing environment that cultivated team-building and unique positive experiences such as meditation, a practice I’ve adopted in my daily life. Other great attributes worth highlighting is her willingness to always help others, connecting people, being very open-minded and innovative. I highly recommend the coaching guidance through Ami Shah at SVAA labs for a better and purpose driven career. Best of luck!

Mike Tirgardoon
System Engineer and Project Manager

One of my acquaintances AMI SHAH, is an enthusiastic, cultured and artistic personality. I wish her the best of luck as she is about to start her own independent unit after 20 years of engineering career.
I am proud of this empirical initiative she has made for her outstanding contribution to the digital world in the areas of personal, business and social services. Congratulations on the excellent achievement of SVAA Labs, a combination of technology and culture.

Dr Vijay Manu Patel
Eminent Educationist and Writer, Surat, INDIA.

I was lucky to work with Ami as part of System engineering R&D team. I quickly learned about her natural human leadership and motivational ability.
She became a great mentor and a coach to the team. She brought abundant energy, positivity and knowledge to our team. She is professional, innovative, compassionate, a caring manager and a human being. She was always very approachable and passionate to learn new technology from everyone. She knows how to tap in to person’s strength. Above all, she helped me with recommending decision paths for my career development that aligned with my purpose, work life balance and led me to overall fulfillment. I congratulate her on her new business as a coach/consultant and I have full confidence that she will impact many lives in positive direction!

John Hua
Staff Systems Engineer- Inertial Navigation Aerospace, USA

Ami is a strong leader and a coach! She has been able to mentor and help many people in their personal and professional development at various levels. She has a strong technical background which helps in terms of shaping technical solutions in mentoring and guiding her teams professional development and builds a strong collaborative environment and creates a nurturing culture where creativity can thrive and employees can reach beyond their goals and create innovative solutions to complex problems.
Ami is a very talented and caring individual whose vision, insight, and dedicated leadership has helped others create an inclusive environment and strong teams.

Julie Slarich
Sr. Director of Operations, USA

What Our References Say About US

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